A white label web application to create videos easily

Invite your clients online to use a library of motion graphics templates created by your creative team and designed for their needs. They gain in responsiveness and you keep control on the creative aspect.

Extended reach

By being able to generate online videos from anywhere, your clients gain responsiveness and impact.

An event to promote, a last minute sale? A video can be generated very quickly from one of the templates that you will have created.

Content standardization

Thanks to your templates, the content produced for internal or external use is standardized while respecting your client's visual identity.

Within a large corporate group or a network of franchises, the same template can be used by dozens of people while ensuring brand consistency.

White label and workspaces

Invite multiple collaborators and clients and assign your users by company, client, team... Distribute your templates in your different workspaces to stay organized.

Your users log in a web app that matches your client's identity: domain name, logo and customizable colors.

Videos created in several formats

Usable for multiple social networks, the templates you create can be used with several aspect ratios depending on the broadcast.

DCO & Marketing automation

Use your templates to launch massive data-driven campaigns. Generate thousands of personalized videos based on localization, product, first name, etc.

Danim retrieves your generation data from a Google Sheet and write the urls of the produced files on each row of your spreadsheet, so you can use your videos with hundreds of third-party applications.

Extend the features with our API

Need to deliver videos generated with Danim to your client's CRM? Want to integrate our technology directly into your in-house tools?

Our API allows your team of developers to extend the features of Danim to perfectly suit your needs. Our team is also available to develop custom features to your request. Let's talk!

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