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Design motion graphics templates with After Effects and Danim Creator, and invite your clients online to create videos
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How does it work?

Danim was designed to simplify and streamline collaboration between advertisers, content creators, and developers.

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Create a template

Danim creator user

My client wants to create regular video content. I design a template with Adobe After Effects that corresponds to his graphic identity and meets his needs.


I use Danim Creator to convert my creation into a Danim generation form. I define which texts, images, videos, colors, fonts, ratios, etc, are editable by my client.

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I upload my template on my Danim account to allow my client to generate online videos.

I use Danim Creator to generate videos from a form or a Google Sheet.

Produce content

Danim marketing user

I customize my Danim account to the identity of my agency: colors, logo, domain name...


I create a workspace for my client and invite him to use his template. Each of my clients will then have their own workspace with a library of templates that belongs only to them.

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Generation form

My client can create videos easily from an online form. He just has to take care of his content (texts, footages, etc.) and choose the aspect ratio of his video according to the broadcast.

Render videos from web browser


Danim developer user

I need to create videos automatically from a third-party application or tool.


I use the Danim API to generate videos.

I can modify each item in my template via the Danim API. The video is generated automatically and can be integrated into any third-party tool.


I use existing automation tools

I connect Danim to my marketing tools (emailing, marketing automation, CRM, etc.) using automation services like Zapier, Integromat or n8n.

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What are templates for?


Use them to create videos from professional templates
with ease, in no time, on a regular basis

An ultra-simplified creation tool

Allow your clients to create videos by filling out a simple web form with responsiveness. Without training, nor skills in motion design, from your creations designed to meet their needs.

Videos in your client's brand aesthetic

Develop a full-fledged video content strategy and streamline the visual identity of all the videos of a company, a brand, a franchise network...


Ultra-personalized video campaign

Data-driven video marketing

Create a personalized marketing campaign to speak directly to each of your potential customers. Combine the power of attraction of video advertising with the conversion rate of data-driven marketing. Adapt content to each target and considerably increase your conversion rate.

Better utilize customer data

Create a personalized video accessible to any customer. For each customer, you can highlight use data per product purchased or service offered. Customers become advocates for your brand.

Made-to-order offering

Create thousands/millions of videos in a few days/weeks, all available on our cloud platform. Our made-to-order offering can adapt to meet your video volume and delivery date requirements.


Integration of the Danim API

Develop unique user experiences

Go even further by integrating automatic video generation into third-party web applications and tools.

Dynamic Display

Paired with a dynamic display solution, Danim helps automate video content creation in addition to streaming. Integrate Danim in your solution and let your customers easily manage their video content for any screen format.


Videos to inform

News reports

Create news templates for your clients so they can quickly create social media-friendly stories the way digital media does.

Content marketing

In order to develop your client’s audience, launch an editorial content marketing strategy by offering valuable, useful, and informative content. Allow them to produce video content that suits the interest of their targeted group.

Videos for all aspect ratios

Your templates are compatible with several aspect ratios: landscape, square, portrait or any ratio you want to offer to your client.