How to create a template?


A varied selection of fields for your animation

Select the text and image layers to integrate in your After Effects composition and locate them in the Danim Creator interface.


Transform an animation project into a simple, intuitive form

In just a few clicks, you can configure the modifiable fields for your animation in Danim Creator and receive a simple and intuitive form for creating videos.


Manage images and videos

Choose the dimensions and minimum/maximum duration for your media. Images are cropped and resized when your video is created. Compositions and input and output animations automatically adapt to the duration of your imported videos.


Modifiable design

It takes only a few clicks to make the colors, fonts, ratio, and duration of your animation modifiable.


Ultra-modular templates

Choose advanced mode to create templates with multiple compositions, which can be duplicated, reordered, or deleted.


Your text and images are always in the right format

Use the free Danim Box script to maintain your text and media layers in the right size and position, regardless of content.

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How to use  templates?

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Danim Box

Danim Box is a free script for After Effects that lets you adapt your text and media inside boxes.

That way, whatever the length of your text or size of your image, the size of your target will adapt to your box, making it easy to reuse your creations!

Learn about other features, such as alignment and animation options, which can be indispensable when creating templates and assets.

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MoCode, the most perfected code editor for After Effects

For beginners and experts, MoCode offers a full-fledged code editor within After Effects.

It’s a whole new way to work with expressions and scripts: write more quickly and easily, save, categorize, and reuse all your code resources.

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